Tinder launches Tinder for PC

Tinder announces the launch of Tinder Online in some countries. Now you can swipe from any browser on any device anywhere in the world.

For many, Tinder has always been accessible – on his phone, or his tablet. But for some, using Tinder on web browser has never been easier than grabbing your phone, opening the app and chatting with your matches.

There is no 4G in every corner of the world. Some people can not get bundled services, and still others do not have enough memory to use Tinder on their cell phones. For those who have ever been stuck in an amphitheater or had to endure a whole day of work without Tinder … Tinder launches its desktop version.

With Tinder Online, you can swipe anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection although the computer experience is a little more restricted than the mobile app.

Tinder Online is currently testing in a handful of countries: Indonesia, Philippines, Argentina, Colombia, Italy, Mexico, Brazil and Sweden.

Tinder is aware that some parts of the world have limited access to Facebook. That’s why, in some markets, the startup is also experimenting with the ability to connect via SMS directly from a mobile phone.

We know Tinder on smartphones (and Apple TV), but to accommodate even more people, the dating service will launch from a simple web browser. On Tinder Online, it is now possible to scan profiles with the mouse and initiate the conversation with the built-in email. All the features of the application are not integrated, but the main thing is there.

This version of Tinder Online is intended for users whose smartphones are not powerful enough to host the application, or who do not have access to a quality cellular network. The service also notes maliciously that Tinder Online may very well be useful where smartphones are banned … as in class or office!

To enjoy it, you will have to connect with your Facebook account and live in a country where the service is in beta test: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Philippines and Sweden. Tinder intends to roll out this novelty more widely in the coming months.

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