The best connected bracelets

Connected bracelets are fashionable, it’s a euphemism. To find you in the hundreds of references we offer you a selection of the best of the market and you avoid a disappointing purchase.

Almost all high-tech product manufacturers have embarked on the connected wristband / tracker market in recent years. In other words, the references are numerous, very numerous. However, two “historical” brands are obviously out of the box: Jawbone and FitBit, but even at home, all references are not equal. Here are some models selected by us to get back into shape and follow his physical activity with his smartphone.

To determine our selection, we based ourselves on criteria that we consider essential for a sports-oriented connected bracelet. Precision and reliability of the data first, presence or not of a heart rate sensor, ergonomics and functional richness of the mobile application and naturally, real autonomy in use.

Note that to differentiate, some manufacturers offer resistance to water, a more or less elegant or discrete design or possibilities of personalization with removable bracelets of different colors.


Fitbit Alta HR

The new Fitbit business bracelet is the best the brand has ever offered. We tried all our models and the Alta HR won our votes. It takes the main features of Charge 2 (our old favorite) but it is 25% thinner. Long battery life, continuous heart rate monitoring and attractive design make the Alta HR an obvious choice for anyone looking for an activity bracelet. It is certainly not the most complete of the trackers of activity, it lacks for example the waterproofing, but Alta HR knew how to find the perfect compromise. It is surely the best bracelet of the moment.


Fitbit Charge 2

The Fitbit Charge HR has long been our choice, so it is logical enough that its successor is also. To put it simply, Charge 2 takes on all the characteristics of the HR, with some bonuses. These include a multiline OLED display or a slightly redesigned design. It still shines by its autonomy of 5 days, but fishing by the absence of GPS and waterproofing. It is nevertheless the most versatile bracelet at the moment, which does not require to break its piggy bank to offer it.


Garmin Vivosmart HR

We are pretty demanding when it comes to activity bracelets. We need an enduring product that holds over two days and waterproof to swim with. It is also necessary that this gadget is equipped with the latest technologies, such as heart rate monitoring and notifications. The Garmin Vivosmart HR is not far from gathering all these criteria. As an activity tracker, it offers all the basic functions: daily activities, heart rate and automatic monitoring of sleep. It also has two advantages: it diffuses notifications coming from Android and iOS smartphones and it is waterproof (in the shower and to swim). Only flat, it is more bulky than the competition and its application is not so successful.


Fitbit Alta

The Fitbit Alta is undoubtedly one of the most elegant trackers of activity of the moment. One of the most customizable also with its removable bracelets. A careful aesthetic and a small footprint that does not affect the space dedicated to the poster, one finds indeed a large OLED screen comfortable to consult its notifications. As for reliability and precision, it does honor to the reputation of the manufacturer, damage on the other hand it is necessary to ignore a few features like the heart rate sensor and water resistance. Last good point for this Fitbit Alta, its autonomy of one week, far superior to its competitors equipped with a screen.


Xiaomi Mi Band

Remains the low cost solution for those who are not really sure that a tracker of activity will be useful to them and who simply want to try the blow: the Xiaomi Mi Band. The Chinese brand that makes each year a little more its hole in the smartphone market tries the experience of the connected bracelet that simply ensures the essential functions for a price defying any competition: less than 20 euros. At this price, absences are a little more excusable.

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