3nder (Threender) dating site to find threesomes

3nder (Threender) is a dating site that contains almost all types of sexual needs. It fits indeed with those who love swinging, voyeurism, threesomes etc. Whether you are straight, gay, transsexual, tranny or bisexual, you will find your account here. Read More »

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How does Tinder, the popular dating app, work?

Tinder is the most popular dating app for kids, but how do you register and how does it work? That’s all you need to know.

You’ve been single for too long and you have to meet someone? Your friends have probably already advised you to register on a dating site, but it is not easy to cross the cap. And which site to choose? Of all the dating apps out there, the best known is by far Tinder. Read More »

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Tinder launches Tinder for PC

Tinder announces the launch of Tinder Online in some countries. Now you can swipe from any browser on any device anywhere in the world.

For many, Tinder has always been accessible – on his phone, or his tablet. But for some, using Tinder on web browser has never been easier than grabbing your phone, opening the app and chatting with your matches.

There is no 4G in every corner of the world. Some people can not get bundled services, and still others do not have enough memory to use Tinder on their cell phones. For those who have ever been stuck in an amphitheater or had to endure a whole day of work without Tinder … Tinder launches its desktop version. Read More »

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In 2018, even love is in the digital age. Indeed, more and more people are using dating apps to find dating dates. However, with a variety of application choices, it can be difficult to navigate. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the MAG2.0 team makes it easy for you and summarizes some of the most popular apps. Read More »

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The best connected bracelets

Connected bracelets are fashionable, it’s a euphemism. To find you in the hundreds of references we offer you a selection of the best of the market and you avoid a disappointing purchase.

Almost all high-tech product manufacturers have embarked on the connected wristband / tracker market in recent years. In other words, the references are numerous, very numerous. However, two “historical” brands are obviously out of the box: Jawbone and FitBit, but even at home, all references are not equal. Here are some models selected by us to get back into shape and follow his physical activity with his smartphone. Read More »

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Foodtech: what will we eat in the future?

Laboratory-grown meat, protein bars and algae drinks … Startups are working hard to make food for the future. Artificial foods that are sometimes good, sometimes bland, when they do not completely remove any pleasure from eating.

Will foodtech and Silicon Valley revolutionize our plates? Laboratory-made artificial meat, protein bars and algae drinks that can substitute for a meal, vegetarian steaks that are bleeding … the food of the future is already there, or almost. What will we eat in a few decades? Do we all eat synthetic products, like the vitaminized protein tablets imagined in the novel (then film) “Soleil Vert”? Welcome to the era of high-tech food. Foods that will not necessarily always give you very hungry. Read More »

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Foodtech and Diet: The Best Nutrition, Health and Fitness Apps

Applications designed to teach you how to eat well and eventually lose weight multiply on iOS and Android. But counting your calories and following a “coach” diet online, is this really effective? By dint of too much inventory of ingested food, would not the risk be lost?

The Best Nutrition, Health and Fitness Apps

Today, to learn how to eat and lose weight, there is no longer a need for a nutritionist: our smartphones provide access to a wide range of health, fitness and wellness applications for to “coach” us on the way to a good diet. Among the hundreds of apps available on iOS or Android, a dozen stand out and hold this market belonging to the Foodtech sector, oriented regime. Read More »

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